WePay For Laravel

If you’re like me, then you’re employer always, without fail wants to use the least common, weirdest things within your application. Well, in my case that happened to be WePay. While not a bad choice (and there were logical reasons for using, in their defense… maybe) it apparently had not been done for Laravel. So initially to get it working, I precariously perched the code & prayed nothing went bad (and nothing updated). Well, after a few months it updated. Damn :/

However, lucky for you guys! I made it work with Laravel the way vendor packages are supposed to work. And here’s the link to it on GitHub:


The README.md on GitHub should hopefully sufficiently explain how to install it and get it working. It it doesn’t, let me know & I will update it with your suggestions.

Using Yahoo API with Laravel 4

After nearly a full day of researching and fighting with the Yahoo API because I needed access to peoples contacts so they could invite their friends to support the cause they were fundraising for (I work at MoveYourMountain, thus the context ;)). Anyways, I finally figured it out and thought I would share for those of you who are trying to interpret Yahoos [literally wrong] API.

As I mention in the code, it is pretty straight forward to convert this class to work with vanilla PHP instead of using Laravel.

Here is a link the the Github Gist, if you’d rather view it there.