Update 2. Making Progress.


Well not a massive amount to report this time. Haven’t acquired any new projects lately, so that’s good! This is what the yard currently looks like:

2015-09-01 17.11.54 2015-09-01 17.12.09 2015-09-01 17.12.24

Monster Truck

I worked on the truck some. I ended up buying the rear main seal and replacing it. Replacing the seal part wasn’t so bad, just a two-piece seal that slides in around the crank. But what totally sucked, was getting the oil pan off and back on. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that it isn’t a stock engine, or it’s an oversized oil pan or what. But taking the oil pan off took probably 5 hours by the time I had the bolts out, and the cross bar on the sub-frame moved. I actually ended up breaking one of my ratchets that I was using to rotate the crank to get a little more room pulling the pan off! Whoops!

I think it took 3 hours to get the stupid pan back on, because I got all the bolts except the front two in, and the front two just would NOTĀ go in. The pan was too far back, and even with loosening all the bolts, I couldn’t get the pan to go forward. So I ended up taking it all back off again, and trying again. I started with the front 2 bolts this time, and after quite a bit of finagling with the gasket, I got it all back on there! I did take the time to clean all the bolts, pan and everything else while it was off, so that’s good. (Actually, Heather cleaned the pan for me šŸ˜› apparently that sucked haha).

Pretty much what’s left on the truck is to re-do the fuel line, make an exhaust, and wire in the electric fuel pump to a switch inside the cab. Once I get those couple little things done, I am going to take it to a local shop to get it dyno’d and tuned. Should be about $250, so I’m pretty excited to do that and see how much power it puts down.


Aside from the truck, I worked on the Evo some more. I got the rear end all back together and ready to put in the car. Got the frame fixed and I also ordered the EGR delete. InstalledĀ the EGR delete, which made the intake manifold look WAY better. It took off pretty much all of the vacuum lines on the car. I still need to remove the charcoal canister that’s under the car near the gas tank, but I’m planning on doing that when I put the rear end back in.

2015-08-31 18.58.43 2015-09-01 17.32.03 2015-09-03 23.22.50

I also got the wiring harness all crimped up and done. I just need to get the battery relocation kit to the trunk sorted out, and switch out the positive terminal at the fuse box. I also need to figure out a shut-off switch for racing. I’m not exactly sure how I want to do that, but basically I need the switch to shut off the battery and the alternator, but I’m trying to figure out how to do that without running a bunch of extra wire up and down the car from the trunk to the engine bay. I still need to re-loom the whole harness, but I am waiting to get the engine in the car, and figure out exactly what plugs need to go in the engine bay, so that I can actually group the correct plugs and everything together. Just to make it look a little bit better.

2015-09-01 17.14.23 2015-09-01 17.14.35 2015-09-01 17.14.39 2015-09-01 17.14.50

Aside from that, I got the head put on the block, got the intake manifold bolted up, cleaned out all the oil ports, timed it and did a compression test. The compression was right around 160psi across the board, so I am pretty stoked about that. It’ll go up some more once the rings have set, but at least this time the motor had enough compression to run! This is up from, 90, 110, 0, 0 starting from cylinder 1, going to 4. I guess the machine shop didn’t cut the valve stems, so the valves weren’t fully closing. At least I didn’t bend any valves!

I just gotta finish putting everything on the motor, and put it in. I don’t think it’ll take super long. Just trying to tidy up a few little things first. I also ordered another intake cam gear, and an intake cam angle sensor. The sensor broke the last time we pulled the motor (oops). I ordered the cam gear, because you can’t buy an adjustable one, but you can get it machined so you can adjust the stock one. However, I don’t want to wait for all this to be done, before I can put the car back together. I also ended up buying the intake cam with the gear. I gotĀ the sensor, cam gear & cam for $100 from someone on the Evo forums! So that’s awesome, considering that sensor alone is $100 new.


A little less work, and more fun, I’ve been taking the Genesis out to the localĀ drag strip. I’ve taken it out about three or four times. The best time I ran was a high 15s 1/4 mile, at about 90mph (I keep losing the time slips, so I don’t remember). This last night out though I got a lot more seat time. The weather and track conditions weren’t as good, and I only ended up running a 16.1, but it felt a lot better and I got to get my shifting and launching more dialed in. There is one more day to take it out this year, so I’m hoping to run a mid 15, which is right about what the fastest peopleĀ manage to do with these cars stock.

Wrapping Up

My friend William’s car is in one of my bays of the garage right now. That is the car we rebuilt the engine for. The engine is back in, and almost everything is hooked up and ready to go. It should be out of my garage soon, which is super exciting! That’s aboutĀ all the updates for now. Hoping to get the Evo engine in and get started on the body work here in the next few weeks. But I’ll update again in a few weeks when I have some more to tell!


P.S. Sorry there weren’t as many pictures this time. I’m not good at taking those. I’ll try and take some more and post them with the next update!

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