Swooping Updates! Overview Of The Cars.

So I figure I’ll give this a try. My goal is simply to share what I am doing at the moment, what I’ve finished and upcoming goals. Primarily for friends & family, just so they can see what I’m up to. Updates are unlikely to be regular, but I’ll try and at least get one update a month, and I’ll try and keep them vehicle specific – but that isn’t always going to work. Like this update, it’s going to be a little bit of all of them!

I guess I’ll start off with just an overview of everything. I’ve been working on the Evo, currently fixing the wiring harness and rebuilding the rear end. More on why I’m doing these in a bit. Aside from that I helped my friend William rebuild the bottom end for his Eclipse that he’s trying to sell. Hoping that car will be done and out of my yard within the next couple of weeks!

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2015-08-27 20.59.24

I have been trying to clean up and get rid of extra stuff, and projects that I’ve had forever but never got around to finishing. So, the biggest one of these was my red RX-7. I originally stopped driving it when I bought the Evo, and it just kind of sat since then. I tried selling it to a friend, but that didn’t work out, so I ended up with it again and the storage unit full of parts for it. My friend Kyle and I took the carburetor off to rebuilt it, but through a series of events, it never quite made it back on the car. So it didn’t run for like 1.5 years or something.

IMG_20130831_163912_352 IMG_20130831_163819_701

So, I decided to get rid of it, and all the parts laying around. I ended up trading it for a 2000 Yamaha YZ-426 because I figured it would be way easier to sell a running dirt bike than an non-running RX-7 (a car hardly anyone wants in the first place).


Buuuuuuttttttt, since I’m me, and things like this are a regular occurence in my life, I ended up trading the Yamaha for a running RX-7 of the same generation, AND a sand rail. The RX-7 is completely gutted, with a rollcage. More pictures of that to come when I started diving into it.

2015-08-30 11.19.49

The sand rail doesn’t have an engine, but it came with a Honda B18 and the adapter plate for the transmission. The motor needs a bunch of stuff before it can go in the sandrail, like intake/exhaust manifolds, valve cover, ecu, wiring harness, stuff like that. So, I’m not sure what I’m going to do about an engine for the sand rail yet. I’m thinking I may end up getting a donor car with that same engine, and taking what I need and then selling or scrapping the rest – hopefully recovering most of the cost of buying the car in the first place. So that’s the latest addition to the fleet of cars in my yard.

Aside from cleaning up, and consequently getting MORE cars I’ve also been on the hunt for SAE tools, and shelves for the garage. I ended up finally finding a full set of SAE wrenches from a garage sale for $5, and bought a set of sockets from Sears for like $20. So, I finally have the tools I need to replace the rear main seal on the Monster Truck! I also found a few shelves from Craigslist and garage sales for super cheap, so I finally have somewhere to put the parts to the 10 cars that are currently in my yard!

Another really cool tool I acquired recently was a drill press. I found a very old one at a garage sale for $20. It didn’t work when I bought it, but after a little bit of re-wiring and a new switch it works awesome! The drill head moves forward & backwards, as well as rotates in 360*, while the table moves up & down. So that’s pretty cool.

2015-09-01 17.13.15 2015-09-01 17.13.36

But enough about organization & tools. Back to WHY I’m fixing the wiring harness in the Evo, and rebuilding the rear end. So what happened with the Evo, is my old one (the white one) was a salvage title, because it was vandalized & totalled out by insurance down in Las Vegas (this was before I got it), and my friend that sold me the car said he would trade me that shell (because it has a widebody kit on it), for this shell he just got that has a clean title. Well, just because it has a clean title, doesn’t mean it’s a clean car! So, out came EVERYTHING from the white car, to go into the new (red) one. But, since the white evo had been converted to an Evo 9 (which has more fancy electronics, like an adjustable center differential for the AWD and variable valve timing) from an Evo 8 there was a lot of work to do to get all of that back into this red Evo which is an Evo 8 (didn’t come with all that). So, I was going to splice the harnesses together, and get everything working, but realized the previous owner had already done that (whoo! or so I thought). But, after de-looming the entire harness, I found a ton of splices that were just twisted together and taped up.

2015-08-14 00.16.37 2015-08-14 00.16.30 2015-08-14 00.16.03


Which means I have a TON of crimping to do. It is about half done though, and gives me a good chance to relocated the fuse box into the cabin under the dash, and clean up the engine bay a little bit.

The rear end is a much less exciting story. What happened is all of the US Evo 8s and 9s came with the plates for the LSD stacked in the wrong order from the factory (ugghh). They’re supposed to go friction plate, friction disk, friction plate, friction disk, etc. according to the Factory Service Manual. However, they come plate disk disk plate plate, which really just means the rear end doesn’t lock up as quickly. For normal driving, it makes no difference. For racing, when it’s stacked properly, it means you can cause the car to Oversteer when punching the gas pedal – allows you to enter a turn faster, with mild Understeer and the use the gas pedal to cause the back end to go out and get the car to track again. So that’s the story behind why I am rebuilding the rear end.

2015-08-19 21.42.08  2015-08-19 23.19.14


That’s really it as far as the latest updates of what I’ve been doing. Coming up is finishing the wiring harness, eliminating the EGR system for the Evo, and digging into the newly acquired RX-7 drift car. In the future I’ll try and keep the updates a little shorter by doing them more frequently!

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