About Me


For work, I do all kinds of things. I mostly program or engineer things. I have done some pretty exciting things in the realms of Product Development, DevOps, and SysAdmin. I am constantly learning new things, and attempting approaches new to me (and often the world in general). I am actually looking for work at the moment if you want to set up an interview with me! Here is my GitHub.



I pretty much hate doing nothing, so I am always doing something. What that something is, can be quite different depending on what’s going on. It can range anywhere from hanging out with friends, racing/building cars, 3D printing, Martial Arts or anything else really that piques my interest.

I have also been working on a few projects which include:

  • a Logger for cars that will do all kinds of things.
  • An Android App for families
  • The mechanic workings behind a game

It’s on my task list to make landing pages for these different projects.

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